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  • Our marketing service covers a specific range of low-cost high-yield marketing tactics that are planned and implemented on your behalf. These include:

    Marketing Strategy

    • Market Research
    • Market Trends
    • Competition Research
    • Client Research
    • Staff Research
    • USP Development
    • Campaigning Planning
    • Marketing Calendar
    • Campaign Implementation
    • Route To Market
    • Distribution Channels
    • Advertising

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    • Website Strategy
    • Site Functionality
    • User Interface Planning
    • Social Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Promotional Strategy
    • Advertising

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    • Competitive Analysis
    • Brand Architecture
    • Creative Elements
    • Positioning
    • Brand Promise
    • Believability
    • Market Opportunity
    • Consumer insights
    • Key Message
    • Personality

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  • Our sales service, based on the marketing strategy includes the following:

    • Sales Strategy
    • Sales Planning
    • Sales Team Management
    • Sales Team Mentoring and Training 

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  • Based on your current marketing and sales strategy or on the new one we develop for you, we provide a full range of design and marketing services, including website development, brochure design, graphic design, and online and traditional type marketing. We can help you monitor your web stats, maintain your website, manage advertising campaigns, research PR opportunities, and handle the implementation headache for you!

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Our Marketing and Sales Philosophy is Simple:

Marketing your business whilst your sales team is under performing becomes an unnecessary expense. Likewise, a good sales team with poor marketing support will always under perform. 

Knowing that sales and marketing are separate but complementary business activities both centre around revenue generation and therefore need to exist symbiotically throughout your business.

Our efforts in turning your marketing and advertising expense into an investment is carried out by our experienced team and trusted associates.

This is how we achieve our success over and over again:

More than a marketing strategy and sales management firm, Market Magnet Consulting takes charge of implementing the Marketing functions on your behalf and carries the strategies through to your sales team. This ensures that your marketing is done correctly generating the best possible results whilst at the same time your sales team is up to date with each campaign. 

Our ongoing management and mentoring process will bring your team to a level where each sales person is able to produce the best possible results. 

Our sales mentoring and training process is highly effective as each element of the program is taught, implemented, monitored and repeated over and over until the sales process becomes a part of the daily activity of each member of your team.

The type of businesses we help.

We help those who want to be helped, any business large or small that wants to grow and has the potential to do so we are happy to service. However, this is if our service offering will align with yours. We like to enjoy our work and believe that if you are getting the value you require and we have a healthy working relationship our work becomes enjoyable and your growth and success becomes ours. 

We become involved with your business.

Our team is like an extension of your staff complement, located in another building. We get to know your company, staff, and business goals, and work in tandem with you to achieve them. 

Best of all there are no HR related issues.

Cost Saving Service

We have calculated that to achieve the value Market Magnet Consulting adds to your business you would need to hire at least 5 professional marketers with mid to hight industry related salary packages.


Want help with your Sales and Marketing?

Contact Us Now For Your
Free No-Obligation Assessment!

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