Awesome! You have just taken the first step in radically changing how will grow your financial practice.

So what happens next?

Our progam is very effective and we get hundreds of requests every day from brokers and planners asking to enrol. But we are very selective in who we sign up. We want to work with like minded professionals who are ethical, progressive, excited and motivated to make a real change in both their own lives and the lives of their clients. 

So we meet in person with every candidate to make sure there is a synergy. Darryl or Robin will give you a call today (office hours) to set up an appointment. Look out for our call.

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We will share with you our secrets on how to create a marketing system that will have prospects wanting to work with you.

Traditionally financial planners and brokers either buy leads at a cost per lead, or they rely on hounding their clients and friends for leads. It is time to turn that approach on it’s head.

Imagine a system that, once set up, builds your brand, attracts inbound leads, builds trust and warms your prospects up so that by the time they meet you they already trust you and are ready to buy.

A system that virtually runs itself leaving you to focus on meeting highly qualified prospects and offering great customer service.

Did we mention that our system also keeps you in constant contact with your current clients? This radically increases client retention and the number of referrals.

All at a fixed cost that is unrelated to the number of leads generated. 

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Market smarter, not harder

Focus your marketing on the people who want your unique set of skills.

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Grow sales faster.

Radically improve your closing rate by speaking with people who are ready to buy.

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Maximise relationships

Stay in touch regularly with your current customers to maximise retention and referrals.