Advertising Campaign Development

Developing powerful advert campaigns with a message that stands out is what we do for each client.

Planning your advertising is essential and presenting a concept for the advertising campaign that will remain in the minds of your clients and prospects is what we do best.

We achieve this through:

  • Shock Advertising
  • Humour Advertising
  • Reality Advertising
  • Good-will Advertising

and many other tactics that will gain the traction that will ensure a successful ad campaign.

Advertising campaigns for b2b (business to business), b2c (business to client) large and small with a dynamic edge based on the target market and reach our campaigns make the mark within the clutter you require to be noticed by your most promising prospects.

Advertising Design

Our design and concept team have the skill and industry knowledge to help your campaign come to life. Working with the best in the industry all advertising campaigns developed are of world class standards.

We are very conscious of the potentially high cost of campaigns and their production to this end, all our work is strictly directed by your budget guidelines.

Our aim is to conceptualise and produce the best advertising campaigns with the best possible pricing.

Media Buying

We offer s full service marketing and advertising solution which includes the buying or procurement of media.

Media we commonly buy includes:

  • TV advertising media
  • Radio
  • Magazine Print
  • News Paper Print
  • Billboards
  • Street Pole Ads
  • and more

In addition to supplying you the best possible production pricing our purchase agreements with the various media houses allows us to receive and pass on discounted media rates to our clients.

Where possible these discounted rates will help you decrease your media spend and increase your ROI (Return On Investment)

Media Planning

Advertising together with strategic placement and timing is a large part of the advertising success formula.

Adverts must be placed in front of your target audience at the time when they will be most receptive to the advert in order to prompt a response.

Advertising requires careful planning and strategic positioning to ensure that advertising pays off.