Marketing Consulting

Reaching marketing goals and business growth potential is often difficult and making use of an external source of knowledge goes a long way in helping you to take your business to the next level.

Our marketing and sales experts will help you reach these goals.

Achieving goals in marketing will deliver a number of benefits:

  • Market reach
  • Market share
  • Brand Exposure
  • Sales of your products and services
  • Client Retention
  • and more

Our marketing and sales consultation service covers all aspects of marketing and your business development process.

Using the Marketing and Sales Consultation services of Market Magnet Consulting is like hiring your own marketing department without the hassles of staff. Your consultant acts as your head of marketing and directs our teams to fulfil your marketing needs. This is always carried out with ongoing communication between the consultant and your management team.

At the same time aligning your sales team with the marketing promotional activities and campaigns to maximise sales results and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategies we compile combines all of your marketing promotional and growth goals into one comprehensive plan.

A profitable marketing strategy is drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential that will help sustain the business.

The team at Market Magnet Consulting focuses all strategy around low-cost, high-yield promotional activities that ensure the quickest route to market presenting the right product to the right audience at the right price at the right time with the right frequency.

Marketing Campaigns

Each marketing campaign is will be designed to be low-cost and high-yield. The objective of any marketing campaign is to generate leads and ultimately sales.

We prefer a focused approach to every marketing campaign as this generated a better ROI (return of Investment).

All campaigns will be included within the marketing strategy and presented to your management team for approval. Once approved our marketing implementation team will get to work to get the campaign on the go.

Each campaign will be documented and reviewed prior to going live and then results will be reviewed to gauge the success of the campaign.

Marketing Collateral

Branded collateral is one of the many routes to market. From brochures and business cards to banners and signage we take the look and feel of your  brand and translate it into tangible brand elements.

Messaging and client engagement is our key focus when designing all marketing and branding collateral as this will ensure clients start the process of building relationships based on your core message which reinforces trust in your company.

In addition to the design component, our team will manage the print and delivery of the necessary collateral to any application: be it expo’s, signage placement, or handing out pamphlets.

Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar is a section of the marketing strategy that details the promotional activities month-to-month throughout the year.

The marketing calendar details the following:

  • Campaign
  • Campaign objective
  • Campaign duration
  • Campaign Budget
  • Marketing Vehicles
  • Campaign timelines