What Should Sales People Do?

“Nothing happens until someone sells something,” is an old saying in business.

However, in reality there are many steps with the sales process. Sales and marketing teams together lay there groundwork to enable sales to take place.

Sales people are usually the highest cost on payroll and as a result sales people need to generate income for the business to justify their pay and at the same time help build the business into a profitable entity.

What Salespeople Do

Salespeople act on behalf of your company by doing the following:

  • Creating value for the companies customers
  • Managing relationships between the business and the customer
  • Relaying customer and market information back to their company

In addition to acting on behalf of their company a sales representatives also act on behalf of their customers communicating requests and queries.

Developing Sales People

A high-performance sales team is essential to the success and profitability of your business.

Your sales team should display the following attributes for sustained success throughout these difficult economic times in South Africa:

  • Proactive
  • Positive
  • Consistent
  • Winning new business

To achieve this our sales development program achieves the following:

  • Focus on the individual
    • Sales is tough and each person has an individualised approach. If your company has the ability to recognise this whilst remaining consistent of the core values of the business the individual sales person realises that they are in control of their own successes and in turn build your business and a means to their success.
  • Train on key attitudes, skills and techniques
    • Although a good overview of sales skills counts, not all are suited to every sales person. Instilling the techniques that work within your industry and the skills that each individual related to best is the only way to keep the sales process active.
  • Teach personal responsibility
    • Once a sales person realises that they are in control of their income and that the sky truly is the limit, their own actions delivers an outcome in proportion to their input.
  • Celebrate Successes
    • All successes should be recognised and celebrated. This develops a sense of achievement which is the motivation most sales people need to repeat their positive actions.

Sales Team Mentoring

Training is a vital element of the sales process and covers many areas such as product knowledge, sales skills, relationship building and so on.

However, short term training programs are short lived. Many sales people leave training sessions pumped up and ready to hit the ground running. Typically, this motivated state lasts no longer than two days and it is back to the old demoralising habits again.

We believe that in order to have a successful sales team a mentoring program needs to be followed. This mentoring takes place weekly and ids designed to suggest, instil and motivate new sales habits and skills.

The Role Of Sales and Marketing

Companies interpret “sales” and “marketing” in different ways and assign different roles and responsibilities to the people who manage those functions.

Understanding the different concepts applied to sales and marketing will help you understand and prepare for the way in which your sales and marketing team work together.

Most formal interpretations of sales and marketing see marketing as the most important component of the equation, with the product mix, or “Four Ps,” the key driver of the department.

This means the sales and marketing team’s role has a heavy emphasis on market research, customer profile determination, product development, distribution strategies and brand management.

After the sales and marketing team develops these elements, it then creates marketing communications: advertising, public relations, social media and promotions, to support them.

Sales staff members then sell using a brand message created during the marketing development phase.

Layperson’s Marketing Reverses the Role

At smaller companies, once the owner or top managers decide what the company will sell, the sales and marketing team focuses on advertising, PR, rebates, discounts and other marketing techniques to help sell product. In this type of scenario, the sales manager is often the main person heading the sales and marketing department, with “marketing” referring to advertising, promotions and PR.